Team Photos

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Please send a Team photograph together with your entry or at your earliest convenience, ideally digital images in good resolution by using the form below or by sending an email to  – Clearly stating Team Names AND Category no later than the closing date of 1st January 2018.

There will be full colour programmes so the earlier you can send your photos the better – thank you.

Please use the form below to upload and send your team photo
Members, Teams and Competitors hereby acknowledge and consent to the fact that Team Photos, Team info and results will be published, as well as parts of Trophy D’Ecosse 2018 may be televised for showing on a worldwide basis. According to the ISU Constitution and General Regulations 2016 both Members and Competitors (in this particular case Teams) hereby certify and warrant that the music and choreography presented and used by the Competitors have been fully cleared and authorised for public use and consent to use of his or her name, biography and likeness on or in connection with any television or radio programme broadcast and re-broadcast throughout the world, motion picture, print media or the advertising and publicising of such programme, without further clearance or payments of any kind on the side of the ISU, the Organising Member NISA and the Sk8scotland Organising Committee and the relevant television network or broadcasters being required. At the time of registration at the Trophy D’Ecosse 2018 all Team Leaders, or other representatives of the Member entering, must present a compliance signed by the Team Manager and/or Team Leader.